7 Tips for Hiring a Great Part-time Employee

For many small businesses, a part-time employee is just what’s needed for specific job responsibilities. Hiring part-time staff is also a good strategy for slowly growing your business, particularly if you aren’t ready to commit to the obligations incurred with a full-time employee. There’s also the opportunity to select from a different talent pool, including talented individuals who are looking for a supplemental income, or others not wishing to commit to a single full-time position.

The trick is taking the right steps to ensure you hire the best part-time employee you can find. Here are seven tips to help you increase the odds of success:

  1. Think Carefully about What the Part-Time Job Entails

Realistically speaking, do you expect too much for anyone to succeed in achieving your goals in a part-time structure? You’re more likely to find the right person if the duties of the job are best accomplished within a part-time framework.

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