MPS Providers, Here’s How to Start a Conversation About Device Monitoring with Your Customers

By Lisa Graham – With so much focus on choosing the right device, it can be easy for customers to overlook an equally important part of the conversation: device monitoring. Continuous device monitoring should be a part of every customer’s workflow strategy, and as such, provides an opportunity for you as a managed print services (MPS) provider.

Assets that are down or missing aren’t providing value as they should. Especially in the case of Xerox customers, today’s devices are used for more than just printing. Workflow automation relies on an asset being up and running. If an employee can’t scan a form or application into the digital workflow, that business process – and maybe even a customer relationship – stalls, and productivity comes to a grinding halt.

Channel partners provide the valuable service of helping customers boost – and maintain – productivity, lower costs, and even create new digital workflows, all of which require them to maintain continuous connectivity on all of their devices. That means it is also up to you to start the conversation about device monitoring and educate your customers on why it is so critical to an efficient, productive office.

Why a Loss of Connectivity Means a Loss of Productivity

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