Boomerang Employees: What to Do When They Come Back to You

Does it make sense to hire a “boomerang employee” – someone who once worked for your business, left, and now wishes to come back?

In a job market that once disdained such employees, it appears attitudes are changing. In a 2015 national survey, more than 75 percent of HR professionals say they’re more favorably inclined towards boomerang employees than previously. In the same survey, almost 40 percent of employees said returning to a company where they were once employed is a strong consideration in their career plans. More than half of HR professionals and managers surveyed report giving “high or very high priority” to job candidates who once worked for their company and left in good standing.

One reason for this change in hiring mindset is related to employers seeing a shortage of qualified individuals for specific job positions. Recruiting an individual who once served in the open position, and has demonstrated skill and experience in the role, is certainly an appealing prospect.

But before hiring a “boomerang” employee, consider these advantages and disadvantages:

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