Fuji Xerox Multi-Use Copiers at 7-11 Become First in Japan’s Convenience Stores to …

Concurrently Launches English Wi-Fi App, Seven-Eleven Multicopy, in Response to Increasing Foreign Visitors to Japan

TOKYO, December 4, 2017 – Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. and Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd. will launch the Square Print serviceNote1 on December 5, by enhancing the functionality of the multi-use copiers installed at Seven-Eleven stores across Japan (19,970 stores as of the end of November).

At the same time, an English version of the free app, Seven-Eleven Multicopy, for smartphones and tablets will be launched so that foreign visitors can conveniently utilize the multi-use copiers to print photos from their mobile terminals.

Outline of the new services:

(1) Square Print service

With the growing trend especially among young people of taking photos with smartphones and sharing them on social media such as Instagram, square photo prints are becoming a standard to put them in frames or decorate them. To respond to this trend, Fuji Xerox’s multi-use copiers has become the first in convenience stores to enable Square Prints. By selecting a photo to print using the Wi-Fi app or inserting a recording mediumNote2 into the multi-use copier and then choosing “Square Print” from the print menu, the multi-use copier will automatically trim the photo to match the frame designed for square printing, eliminating the need to manually adjust the position or size of the photo.

Also, in response to the recent trend of writing messages on photos to give or decorate, users can choose their favorite border type among the four photo layouts shown on the printer screen. The printing paper is L-sized photographic paper and the user can set the machine to print a photo on the paper with a dotted line on it to later cut out the photo to make it square.

Outline of the Square Print service

Name of the service Price Specifications
Square Print 30 yen per print
(Including tax)
·         Paper: L sized photographic paper (89 x 127 mm)

·         Upper image limit: 89 x 89 mm

·         Supported file formats: JPEG/TIFF/BMP

(2) English Wi-Fi app Seven-Eleven Multicopy

The increasing number of foreign visitors to Japan including both tourists and business travelers have exceeded 20 million people as of September 15, 2017. To meet the needs of these visitors, an English version of Seven-Eleven Multicopy free-of-charge app for smartphones and tablets will be available, supporting multi-use copiers to provide not only Copy and Photo Print functions but also Square Print, Scan, Document Print and Postcard Print functions in English.

This will help foreign visitors to Japan easily and immediately print out commemorative photos they have taken in Japan on photographic paper or postcards. Further, the multi-use copiers will meet other needs of these visitors, including easily printing out maps and tourist information downloaded to their smartphones so that they can carry the printouts with them as well as easily printing out or scanning business documents during their business trips to Japan.

[Countries and regions included in the target of the Seven-Eleven Multicopy app]
(In descending order of the number of visitors to Japan, according to data disclosed by the Japanese Ministry of Justice)

South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the United States, Thailand, the Philippines, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Canada, France, Vietnam, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Russia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Mexico, Argentina, Republic of South Africa, Egypt, and Nigeria

Based on Fuji Xerox’s color multifunction devices, the multi-use copiers in Seven-Eleven stores have been evolving since their launch in 2000, reflecting changes of customers’ needs: netprint via the Internet, various ticket services, and others. They are equipped with photo-exclusive printers made by Fujifilm Corporation, which allow high-quality Square Prints.

Fuji Xerox and Seven-Eleven Japan will continue to provide customers with convenient services to meet the needs of the times.

  • Note1 The paper is L size (89 x 127 mm), and users need to cut out to make it a square print (89 x 89 mm).
  • Note2 The Square Print service is not supported by Net Print Service or by the “netprint” and “netprint photo easy print” apps for smartphones and tablets.

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