The PaperCut Payment Gateway Module from ecoprintQ

The PaperCut Payment Gateway Module is an additional component that provides services that allow users to transfer funds from an external source into their personal PaperCut account.

Examples of its use include:

Online Payment

Larger organization such as Universities or Colleges may wish to provide online payment via 3rd services such as those provided by Banks or organizations like PayPal and VeriSign. The payment interface may be provided for internal use (e.g. for student-only use), or opened up for external access to allow parents to make payments via the web. The Payment Gateway module can hook into a number of leading service providers or may be quickly adapted to fit others.

Student Fee/Management Systems

A number of leading higher education organizations use the Payment Gateway module to allow students to transfer small amounts of credit into their print account. At the end of semester/term, this amount is totalled up and added to their fees/loan. The Payment Gateway module can be configured to automatically debit the student management records or an external database system.

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