12 Mistakes Not to Make When Selling Web to Print

From RSA – It may not be easy making your presales and post sales pitch perfect but understanding the pitfalls could help you prevail. Selling any software solution can be a challenge. And selling a solution like Web to print, no matter how many benefits you can rattle off at breakneck speed, can potentially be chock full of challenges. Fortunately, most of those challenges are easily avoidable.

With that in mind, let’s look at some mistakes to avoid when selling Web to print. Admittedly, most of these mistakes are common sense, but when you realize that common sense isn’t always common, you’ll understand why it’s helpful to point out these missteps.

  1. Not listening to the customer. Like it or not, the customer often knows best, so listen to them. By listening, you’ll be better positioned to discuss how your solution and company can address their challenges. More importantly, by listening, you can determine from the start if the customer is a candidate for Web to print, and if they are, that’s when you can talk about the product and what your company can do for them.

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