Data Privacy Day, Are Your Customers Prepared?

Did you know it was Data Privacy Day this week? With the main aim of raising awareness and promoting privacy and data protection, this is a reminder to organizations to review their data privacy policies. This includes ensuring they have taken all reasonable steps to fully secure stored Personal Identifiable Information (PII), as well as meeting data privacy regulations and compliance requirements.

Data privacy does not just involve the practices of cyber security and protecting online data, but organizations print infrastructure as well. Many organizations are still reliant on document printing and imaging workflows to support their day-to-day business operations. Unfortunately, without the right solution in place, print related breaches can be difficult to identify and track, especially in the case where privileged access rights of employees are used to commit a breach.

With Data Privacy Day fresh in your customer’s minds, now is the time to introduce them to Ringdale’s FollowMe® solution – the class leading secure print management solution. FollowMe is a proactive solution capable of monitoring document content, providing an audit trail for compliance, tracking user activities and alerting the IT department of a possible breach.

To find out how Ringdale’s FollowMe® solution has helped one of the largest mutual fund companies protect their data and avoid a paper related breach…

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The Average Cost of an Insider Data Breach is Reported at $500,000