Territory Creation and Management

BEI ’s cutting edge Effective Workload Distribution (EWD) Territory Mapping module has paved the way for faster and more efficient territory creation and management!

Properly defining and managing territories for technicians is critical to accurately gauge man power requirements, reduce travel time, decrease service response time, control car stock inventory and ensure high customer satisfaction levels.

EWD Territory Mapping allows you to easily create territories visually while technician specific territory demand time requirements are calculated automatically. Not only is it now easy to create territories based on technician model performance, but territories can also be specialized by manufacturer, machine segment, model or customer.

After territories are created, both technician assignments and territory based car stock requirements can be imported directly to your ERP, saving your company countless hours in territory and car stock creation, adjustment and maintenance.

EWD Territory Mapping also monitors the integrity of your territories monthly to ensure they stay effective and efficient at all times!

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Easily Set and Track Expectations and Goals for Your Techs