5-Steps to Drive Sales Quality in the Office Equipment Industry–Or Most Any Industry Really!

By Chad Greenlee – There is an old adage that there are only two certainties in life:  death and taxes. Having been in sales for years, I’ve added “newly enhanced annual sales goals” as the third.

To get to that higher level of sales this year, an office equipment sales rep, or really any salesperson, can focus resolve to drive more sales, know product features better, or increase cold call efforts.  While these are all noble pursuits, they concentrate less on quality and more on quantity.

Take a look at these 5 opportunities to be more impactful and drive quality in your “New Year” sales approach.

  1. Go for the conversation, not the voicemail

It is common to judge yourself only on the quantity of cold calls you are achieving.  If you are leaving the same the voicemail for the same person every week and getting no call backs, it is time to find someone who is ready to buy.  Switch up your strategy and find other individuals that will value your service or product and will help navigate you to the decision maker.

  1. Follow-up with value and follow-through on actions

When you finally do have a conversation and have action items to focus on, take the initiative to get the relevant information to your potential customer quickly.  Your work is not over; continue to follow through with valuable knowledge to help them on their decision to move forward.  Yes this means that you can no longer just, “Touch Base” or “Check-in”, that is where sales go to die.  Be meaningful in follow-up and valuable in your follow-through.

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