OKI Data for Architecture and Engineering

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction professionals understand what’s at stake when they begin a new project. There’s no time for confusion and errors when time and money are a major factor in every decision. Miscues can result in injuries, causing big setbacks in tight schedules. These essential truths have remained in place for generations, even as peripheral industry technology has seen astronomical growth.

OKI’s state-of-the-art print technology is designed to streamline the production and distribution of your vital documents and drawings. Our easy-to-use wide format multi-function printers (MFP) deliver sharp CAD drawings and blueprints—down to the finest details—through remote, cloud-connected networks or through traditional methods like scan and copy. These functions support firms moving toward totally digital workflows, while providing high-quality printouts to those contractors who prefer or require them.

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Custom OKI Print Solutions Overview VIDEO