Read How Umango Drastically Improved Western Powers Scanning Workflow

Working in accounts payable for a large government electricity provider often left Michael frustrated when invoices to be paid (and which needed approval from different depots) would go missing or unnoticed. It not only meant having to follow up the approval but handle calls from suppliers wanting payment. This meant that a task that should have been relatively easy as approval for invoices are, became a lengthy and time consuming process. Michael was looking for a solution that would create a visible (but electronic) paper trail for approval and follow up of invoices.

What Umango provided was a solution that has improved the department’s use of time, money and most importantly customer service.

“We looked at other providers but their systems were cumbersome, expensive and took a lot longer to get the same amount of work done. We just found that Umango needed minimal adaptation to set up and meet our needs.”

“Using Umango’s software has improved the visibility and the approval process for invoices. Overall it’s made it a lot easier for everyone and has done wonders for the accounts payable staff in terms of their work load, stress levels and the amount of paperwork they have to handle.”

“The customer service we’ve received from the get-go of using Umango – beginning about six years ago – has been second to none. They are always quick to respond to queries or site visit requests.” – Michael, Western Power

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