The Alternative to BLI is DMO, from Join the Free Webinar to Check it Out!

DataMaster Online (DMO) was launched in 2009 and is designed specifically for copier and printer sales teams.  Buyers and software solutions teams use it too.

  • Totally independent– no revenue derived from DataMaster Lab’s analyses, certificates and awards
  • Smartand Winner side-by-sides are easy to use (see links below for samples)
  • Strengths from technical specs are easy to find – and to share with your customers
  • Lab reports highlight strengths you didn’t even know you had
  • Integrate your own company logo in reports
  • Sales arguments, pros and cons for every machine
  • Flip from English to Spanish and back in a single click
  • TCO simulator, bids team tools, full lab test reports, output to pdf or xls

All this for $749 a year – and there are discounts for some association members.  Sales teams typically pay only about $30 per month per seat.

Seeing is believing

– join one of the webinars to find out why many dealers in the USA have switched from BLI to DMO:

Monday January 28, 10am Eastern

Dial-in alternative for audio : (571) 317-3117
Access code for dial in: 527-634-237

Monday February 4, 9am Pacific time, 12pm Eastern

Dial-in alternative for audio : (646) 749-3129
Access code for dial in: 739-144-741

Example side-by-sides :

Pick your brand and click Smart and Winner to see how DMO from Printer-Benchmark will help you :

  • Save time
  • Make more sales
  • Retain margin !

Nobody’s perfect.  You need to know your strengths and be prepared for counter arguments.

These are static pages from DMO – they look like pages from DMO, but many features are not available.  But you can click to change the comparison type – Winner, Smart etc – and you can edit the url:  put “es” in place of “en”, for example.



Kyocera Winner


Buy now:  our agent in North America is Industry Analysts (NY).

(mailto: “I want to set up a DMO account”)

DataMaster Lab Report:  InkJet vs Toner