How Can Office Equipment Dealers Customize their Invoices?

By Nick Lombardi, GreatAmerica – We don’t have to tell you the Office Equipment Industry is highly competitive. And as a dealer of office technology, you are probably hyper-aware that a key aspect of being successful in this space involves your ability to differentiate beyond the products and services you offer.

By simply being thoughtful and deliberate about the information you include on your invoices, you’ll place yourself above and beyond your competition. Including the right information, reports, and features on an invoice will make it simple for your customers to make payments to you. More importantly, doing so will proactively answer their questions, displaying the information they need to conduct their business successfully.

Choose from a Variety of Invoice Features:

Period Covered

In the ‘Period Covered’ section, you can opt to show the timeframe for which the rental payments will cover. The name of this section can be adapted to whatever suits your business, for instance, if maintenance or service is included in the rental payment, you might choose to title this section, ‘Service Period.’

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