Ship Directly to Your Customers and Reduce the Time It Takes to get Items with Drop-Ship Capabilities

By Ari Schapira, SAP – Depends on the goods, the logistics and your business partners, certain items are shipped directly to the customer without passing through your warehouse first. This can be a convenient arrangement, however these items are part of inventory and require the appropriate documentation. For such processes, SAP Business One enables you to define a virtual warehouse

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MWA FORZA provides the imaging channel with the only ERP system that streamlines across the entire organization from financials and accounting to warehouse inventory and meter management and even including in-depth service contract management. Now, dealers do not have to worry about costly third party bolt-ons and antiquated systems that are not centralized.

With FORZA, dealers have full transparency on the effects of their business in a multilevel view at real-time. Full visibility entails tracking the profit/loss from machine, contract, and customer along with accurate information across all departments in multi business subsidiaries.

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