Relationships, Change in a Pull-Economy

By Ray Stasieczko , BEI Services – “The customers you once caught are now hunting for your replacement. That is my explanation of the Push-Economy becoming the Pull-Economy.” RJS

How will customer relationships change? Here’s my thinking.

In the product pushing sales environment of the past, the customer was sought after, courted and the seller of the product based their customer acceptance on the relationship they created with the buyer. In a Pull-Economy the buyer becomes the hunter the buyer forms relationships based on their experience in acquiring what they desire. A Pull-Economy removes the power from the seller and gives it to the buyer. The Pull-Economy redirects the search from sellers searching prospects, to sellers becoming prospects to buyers.

Today choices are easily identified, researched, and acquired so, the need for the pushing of products through outdated selling strategies or marketing strategies of the past is diminishing greatly. The challenge will be for resellers to determine how they respond at the intersection when their products become more of a commodity or are no longer near as valuable to the marketplace as they once were. In today’s innovative world many organizations and industries will find themselves at this intersection.

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