Ricoh eDiscovery – An Easy-to-Navigate Cloud-Based, Secure Interface

eDiscovery On Demand series; episode: Tag Based Endorsements Ricoh eDiscovery is an easy-to-navigate cloud-based, secured interface. Simply login and get the answers you need with powerful analysis, search and review functionality.

Interact with and filter documents so only the most relevant documents are produced. Get 24/7 access, automated alerts and status updates.

No setup, no required hardware and no maintenance. More information:

eDiscovery On Demand is a user-friendly, self-service web solution that gives you full control of the eDiscovery process. Now you can upload ESI for processing, analysis, review and production, all hosted within the Microsoft® Azure™ Cloud.


Letter Bombs Explode in ABN Amro, Ricoh Offices in Netherlands, no Injuries