How Can Your Digital Transformation Initiative Help You Fulfill Your Brand Promise to Your Customers?

From PSIGEN – In our first digital transformation post, we discussed how digitalization is a transformation strategy that will help your company remain ahead of the competition. Instead of simply converting paper-based, manual processes to digital ones (digitization), digitalization uses technologies to change a business model. Digitalization doesn’t just convert manual processes to digital—it reinvents the old processes to improve efficiency, cut costs and boost revenue.

In the digital age, your brand is much more than the logo you choose or the jingle that plays along with your radio commercial. Your brand is the sum of the experiences and interactions your business has with your customers and the marketplace. Regardless of your logo, slogan or other marketing efforts, your brand is largely defined by the opinions of the people who have interacted with your business—be it good or bad.

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Is Your Company Culture Friendly to Digital Transformation?