Why NEW-BUILT CARTRIDGES Will Become the Preferred Aftermarket Choice

The following was written for RT Media by Christian Pepper, LD Products

When RT Media asked me to write the argument for this article I had some soul searching to do. I have spent over 15 years of my career working for businesses involved in remanufacturing cartridges (remans). It is only in the last year as I joined LD Products that I began to immerse myself in the other Aftermarket methodology of new-build compatibles.

How New-builds Compare Against Remans:


In a typical remanufactured cartridge, the collection and processing of empty cartridges accounts for 30-50 percent
of the cost envelope. By comparison, after the plant and machinery necessary to mold new plastic shells has been capitalized, the cost of a new cartridge shell is less than 5 percent. As most of the global A4 printing volume is undertaken in segments like small office / home users, print is a commodity and the basic economic law of commodities is “lowest cost wins.”

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