How to Hire Rockstars: A Guide to Transforming Your Talent Pool in the New Decade

By: Denise MIller, GreatAmerica – I love rock and roll music—The Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, and Aerosmith are just a few of my favorites. There’s something about the energy, intense rhythms and amazing talent, especially from the classic 80’s. Have you ever wondered how talent scouts go about finding the next Mick Jagger or Steven Tyler?

If I was tasked with finding the decade’s biggest rockstar, I’d want to have a process and some criteria in place so I could increase my odds. As someone in the field of human resources, I rely heavily on well-defined processes and criteria to identify and retain the right talent. Considering 80% of turnover is caused by mistakes in the hiring process, you can’t afford to get this part of the equation wrong.

We’ve also entered into a fresh new decade. Not only are new candidates entering the workforce, but the way today’s entire talent pool seek out and assess prospective employers is changing. Today’s job seekers have different perspectives and expectations about what they want out of their careers. You need to be sure your hiring and recruiting strategy speaks to these individuals if you hope to attract them to the opportunities within your organization.

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