Does What You Wear Matter?

By Jeff Gau, Marco CEOHow you present yourself can impact your success. We all have an image, and part of that is our physical appearance. We need to stay contemporary. Practicing self-awareness in our dress and our physical appearance can be just as important as knowing our strengths and weaknesses.

So how do you navigate fashion changes and present yourself well in today’s workplace? 

  • Make sure it fits well.
    Choose a fit that matches your body shape. The clothes you wear to work shouldn’t be too tight, too short or oversized.
  • Mind your style.
    Watch for the sustainable trends. For men, that means no pleats or cuffs on pants. While there are shirts design to be untucked, I still recommend that men tuck in their shirts in the workplace.
  • Maintain modesty.
    While we have a lot of freedom, it does not mean we need to exercise it. Fashion can feel subjective and even get opinionated. Exercise moderation. If you want to make a statement in the workplace, I don’t recommend you use fashion to do it. It’s not a promotable behavior.

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