VLOG: Steps 4-6 of 9 Steps to In-plant Profitability Series

This vlog is part two of a three-part series about the nine steps that I see that in-plants need to take to increase their financial stability. While not every in-plant has an operating model to be profitable, in-plants can use these steps to ensure that they are meeting their financial goals.

I’ve found that many in-plants only focus on a few of the steps. I thought that it would be helpful to discuss all nine steps in detail. In part one of this nine-steps series, I outlined all nine steps and talked about the first three steps (accurate costs, workflow automation, and up-to-date staffing strategy).

In this video, I outline steps four through six, which are productive procedures, happy customers, and the need for good metrics and KPIs.

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SOURCE Rochester Software Associates

Webinar: Nine Steps to In-plant Financial Stability