Cranel and ObjectifLune Bring You Capture OnTheGo™ – Carry Your Forms…NOT the Paper

Capture OnTheGo is a solution designed for the management of field force automation.  Using an e-form on a mobile device, your employees will be able to capture data and information in the field. Forms can be sent back to the home office as soon as a connection is available. Once the information is received, automated processes like confirmation emails or billing system updates are triggered. The automation possibilities are endless.

Say goodbye to paper forms with on-the-go convenience.

Everything is done through the convenience of a tablet or mobile phone, so your documents go where you go. No more lost or unreadable forms, no more keying in of information. All the information travels electronically, saving time and money—and increasing efficiency

Eliminate lag times with faster document processing.

With fewer errors and less time spent dealing with them, you’ll minimize manual work and reduce idle time, and your workforce will be more productive. Your transactions will take a fraction of the time, with triggers that automate form processing and eliminate lag times.

Easy to implement with no impact on your existing IT infrastructure.

Capture OnTheGo is easily integrated and has very limited impact on your existing IT infrastructure, because it works with your existing environment, systems and applications. The app works alongside PlanetPress Connect, allowing you to use information from any of your systems when creating documents.

Eliminate lag times to enhance cash flows.

Efficient processing goes hand in hand with improved issue diagnosis, faster billing and delivery, and better customer service. For example, by adding notes and pictures to an electronic form, customer service can proactively address potential issues, leading to faster payment and better cash flow, with no added steps for users.

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Cranel Named Master Distributor of Formatta Enterprise Software