What You Don’t Know About Costs Can Hurt You- Production Time

This is the first in a two-article series about understanding and improving costs.

In any business, some mistakes are costlier than others. In our opinion, some of the most dangerous mistakes for in-plant print centers are the ones that get back to the administration or executives, such as price complaints. Few subjects create as much anger as when customers feel “ripped off.”

In today’s competitive environment with Web to print ordering and Amazon delivery driving costs down, everyone demands lower costs. As a result, unanswered price complaints are dangerous for two reasons. First, they can go up the corporate ladder and fall on the desk of someone that believes in outsourcing, and second, it will provide a talking to point for them. Remember that better pricing is the number one reason companies consider outsourcing.

Outdated Time Standards x Budgeted Hourly Rate (BHR) = Incorrect Pricing…

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