OEM, Remanufactured, Compatible and Counterfeit Consumables: A Reseller’s Guide to Truth and Fiction

The following appears on ENXmag.com 

By Christian Pepper, LD Products – The aftermarket is increasingly lining up into two distinct methodologies. In the U.S. and western markets like Europe, the industry leaders’ business models are at least 90 percent invested in producing high quality, higher price remanufactured cartridges. However, in Asia more than 90 percent of cartridges produced now are lower cost, lower quality new-build compatibles.

I believe in 2018 and beyond we are going to see increased competition between the companies involved in these two different aftermarket strategies as they fight for share in a shrinking market.

Let me give you the backstory of how we got here:

Around 2008, there was one legitimate alternative to OEM cartridges—remanufactured.

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