America is in The Middle of a Serious Trade School Shift. Want to Learn How to Benefit from it?

Let’s start with some quick definition of terms. A trade school is a specialized educational institution that allows you to pursue a course of technical education related to a specific skill. Common courses of study include mechanical, electrical, automotive, carpentry & plumbing. But trade schools may also include fields as diverse as culinary arts, music production, broadcasting, graphic design, computer programming, fashion design, cosmetology, & filmmaking. In the field of healthcare alone, from nursing to the administration of an ever-growing array of medical technologies, trade skills are in demand nationally.

According to The Atlantic, The National Center for Education Statistics cites a rise in trade school enrollment, from 9.6 million students in 1999 to 16 million in 2014. This jump may be attributable in part to a rising emphasis on the technical, mechanical, and engineering skills surrounding computer science and computer programming. Our rising dependence on technology continues to create excellent career opportunities & earning potential for professionals with trade school backgrounds. More schools equal more need for copiers, printers and scanners, and a higher demand for products like PaperCut MF.

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