Have You Given Sharepoint A Closer Look?

In the process of deciding which document repository works best for your company, you begin to rule out products that don’t really mesh with your business plan. Maybe one is more valuable for an enterprise level organization, while another is best suited for a different type of industry.
Is there a repository out there that can serve the archiving needs of SMB’s (small and medium-sized businesses), no matter the industry? One that does not require a huge investment of time and money (installation/training)?
Look no further than Microsoft Sharepoint Online. 
Take advantage of Sharepoint Online’s robust capabilities for as low as $5 dollars a month per user, and provide your business or internal department with a highly accessible document repository with a minimal learning curve. At this affordable rate, Microsoft handles all the server maintenance related to your cloud-hosted Sharepoint environment, removing this IT burden entirely from the picture.
Our Reform Business Platform is 100% compatible with Sharepoint, in addition to other popular Microsoft products.
Don’t forget to check out our latest blog post below if you want more details about Sharepoint Online, its value proposition to SMB’s everywhere, and how teaming it up with Reform can automate and simplify your archiving needs.
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