4 Ways You Are Not Using info-zone But Should Be!

Our dealers are our number one priority. To be truly available to their needs, we strive to make it easy for them to retrieve the information they need when they need it–whether that means picking up their call in two rings or less, or making sure they can easily access all information relating to their contracts with us.

If you currently do business with GreatAmerica, you’ve likely heard about info-zone™, the online dealer portal many of our dealers rely on to help them manage their contracts. Essentially, info-zone places power in the hands of our dealers – enabling them to retrieve almost any kind of information they may desire relating to their customers’ contracts without even having to pick up the phone to request it.

First, Let’s Review: What Is info-zone™?

At a high level, info-zone is a hub for our vendors to access relevant information about their various deals with GreatAmerica. It provides a structure for dealers to build and manage, not only contracts, but also the relationships they have with their customers. It provides instant access to virtually all details, whether that’s the details of a specific lease, or reports regarding to their entire portfolio with GreatAmerica. Conveniently browser based, the mobile-friendly portal is available anywhere a user can access an internet connection.

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