Cranel and PrinterLogic Ask Why Serverless Print Management?

Today organizations deal with two different print environments, print-server based or direct-IP printing.  A print-server infrastructure brings some gains but also has some tradeoffs; single point of failures, managing a server infrastructure, or using group policy objects (GPOs) are just a few examples.  Direct-IP printing is straight forward but becomes difficult to manage and support when scaled.

Why Serverless Print Management?

Challenges like these have prompted more and more organizations to look into serverless print management in the hope that they might eliminate print servers while also being able to manage drivers effortlessly, gain more visibility over the print environment and deploy printers easily.

The way different organizations choose to implement serverless print management will depend on the solutions themselves. At PrinterLogic, we’ve succeeded in creating a unique software solution that blends the advantages of direct-IP printing with the convenience of centralized manageability. This next-generation approach delivers a robust, highly available printing platform that is infinitely scalable and can be administered across the enterprise from a single pane of glass. At the same time, its infrastructure footprint is tiny (for our on-premises solution) or even nonexistent (for our cloud-based solution).

It doesn’t take a powerful imagination to see the benefits of this kind of serverless printing. Less infrastructure means fewer moving parts and less to maintain. Centralization means simplicity and ease of management no matter how large the organization. The absence of print servers means no single points of failure.

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