Polek & Polek – Meet the Team! Ana Gioffre

Ana has been working at Polek & Polek since 1990 – she started when she was 12 (not really – but close!).

She loves having dinner out with her husband Lou, chatting up sports (especially baseball) with her son Stephen and watching chick flicks with her daughter Rachel. Her favorite place to relax is at the beach.

Family-owned and operated for 2 generations, POLEK & POLEK is a well-known wholesale distributor in the imaging industry. Our primary focus is your profitability. We love fighting for freedom of the Independent Dealer vs. the OEM! We help dealers add loyal customers & profit in a highly competitive market. We create lasting relationships. We want to do business with you until the end of time. These desires are at the heart of our core focus.

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Brother DR-221 Compatible Color Drums from Polek & Polek