The Killer QuickBooks App: AP, AR & Accounting Automation

Learn How to Automate the Processing of Invoices/Bills, Payments, Credit Card Charges & More

At last count, QuickBooks Desktop on-premise accounting software is used by over 5 million small businesses.

QuickBooks on-premise software users now have a reason to rejoice: using both PSIsafe and PSIsafe Books from PSIGEN streamlines payments and numerous other accounting functions. This can easily save you 2-10 hours per month, which may not sound like a lot, until you start thinking about what you would do with that additional 24 to 120 hours per year: be more productive or take more vacation time – or both?

AP Automation

Automating invoice processing with PSIsafe Books is as simple as taking your invoices—whether scanned in paper or sent as PDFs—and dropping them into a folder. Enter invoice information into PSIsafe Books and, with the push of a button, you can write that data into QuickBooks to create a transaction and the document is filed into PSIsafe. All invoices are securely stored in PSIsafe so that you can search, retrieve and view invoices. Note: you can’t retrieve from within QuickBooks. You’ll need to search within PSIsafe or use SuperSearch. PSIsafe Books also lets you simultaneously access PSIsafe on-premise and cloud (hosted) environments as well as common QuickBooks data entry fields, from within the same interface.

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PSIcapture 7.2 includes Box, QuickBooks, and Dynamics GP Migrations.