3 Simple Ways Hospitality Businesses Can Elevate Their Customer’s Experience With Toshiba

By Christian Davis, Toshiba America Business Solutions – As the hospitality industry continues to grow, so does the competition—and customer expectations. These days, customers have more choices and convenient ways to research those choices. Whether it’s finding the best slice of pizza, or a boutique hotel with the friendliest staff, sorting and decision-making is easy with a few swipes on a mobile device.

Customers are turning to review sites in droves. With 96% CONSIDERING REVIEWS WHEN BOOKING A HOTEL and 94% BEING INFLUENCED BY ONLINE RESTAURANT REVIEWS, it is critical for hospitality businesses to cultivate the customer experience to keep positive reviews coming.

With the right equipment, your staff can focus on the customer. Here are a few examples where IT selection directly impacts the customer experience:


Without this device functioning properly, you can’t take orders, customer wait times increase, and you risk losing business when customers voice their frustrations on social media and review sites.

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SOURCE Toshiba America Business Solutions

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