See What Becoming A Umango Reseller Means

We work closely with our extensive list of world renowned channel partners to provide a powerful yet easy to use range of office automation and document scanning solutions that assist clients to fast-track even the most difficult of tasks and projects.

Primarily targeted at the small to medium sized businesses, Umango’s products are easy to install, configure and use. We lower the support and training overhead and deliver the key features in an easy to use, clean interface that is cost effective. All this, while seamlessly adding value to related hardware such as MFD‘s and dedicated scanners.

With Umango, a new user can install our applications, configure a job and be running it at the MFD literally within a few minutes – even with limited or no training at all. No IIS requirement, no heavy IT requirement, no complex technical configuration.

Through strategic partnerships with MFP manufacturers like Xerox, Konica Minolta, Kyocera and Sharp and distribution via wholesalers like SYNNEX and 100’s of dedicated Umango dealers across the globe, we deliver embedded applications onto multifunction devices which enable a rich and easy to use solution directly on the MFP panel.

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This new Software from Umango makes Accessibility to our Documentation Easy and Saves time for everyone in the Office