The Power of Docker and Containerization, from PaperCut

If you’ve been in IT over the last three years you would’ve heard people shout “DOCKER” from the rooftops demanding its immediate use, everywhere, in your technology infrastructure. And you may have said to yourself, “What on earth is a Docker?”

A few years ago I was just as confused by all the shouting, and could not tell the difference between an image or a container. But I’m now happy to say I’ve got a much better understanding of what Docker is, so I thought I’d create a few simple notes to help you avoid my confusion and understand the benefits (and potential pitfalls) of using Docker.

What is Docker?

Docker is a containerization product (and it’s also the company that supply the product). It’s Open Source and you can do an awful lot with the Community Edition. There are paid for versions as well if you want commercial support or enterprise features.

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