4 Reasons Document Management Projects Fail

By Chelsea Bawab, PSIGEN – Investing in a document management solution is not merely a matter of researching options and purchasing a system. While these are the first steps, the follow-through once your organization adopts a document management project is where the real challenges arise. Sometimes, despite the effort you went through to implement content management in your company, the project fails.

Why do document management projects fail? On the surface, it would seem like a program that offers solutions to business problems and reduces manual work for staff would be a slam dunk. However, there are numerous reasons why these projects fail.

Here are 4 reasons document management projects fail and how you can ensure yours succeeds:

  1. The system isn’t user friendly.Thus, your staff isn’t using it properly. We live in a world where a few screen taps on our smartphones can pull up virtually any information we desire. This is the speed of information in the 21st century, yet for some reason, some content management systems are stuck in the dark ages.It’s unrealistic to expect your staff to embrace a system that is not intuitive and requires a ton of manual work. The point of your document management system is to avoid time-consuming processes and inefficiencies. If document management is unpopular in your workplace, it’s time to take a hard look at your system and probably seek a more user-friendly solution.

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