The Problem-Solving Power Of OCR, from Y Soft

By Antonin Masojidek, Y Soft – YSoft SafeQ Advanced Workflows use a powerful OCR engine to help improve the quality, consistency and efficiency of scanned documents.

Originally developed in 1974 to assist the blind, optical character recognition (OCR) has matured and is now a widely adopted technology for digitizing printed text so documents can be electronically cleaned, searched, edited and stored more efficiently.

OCR software automatically detects complex page layouts and images, removes blank pages and carries out document cleaning such as orientation or smudge removal. Capturing both structured and unstructured data, OCR can support a wide range of languages, formulas and digits.


YSoft SafeQ Advanced Scan Workflows are a powerful scan solution that includes robust document processing, ideal when sophisticated document treatments and formatting are required. Under its hood, and working without user awareness, is an OCR engine. It is this engine that makes many of the productivity and digital document enhancements possible.


How Does Ysoft SafeQ Look In The Cloud?