Why Print Marketing is Making a Comeback in 2018

By Leah Quesada, Xerox – Leveraging marketing trends for growth is arguably more complicated today than ever before, thanks to the explosion of technologies and tools for publishing, measuring, and pushing brand messaging online. Over the past decade, we saw a broad swing of the marketing pendulum as we transitioned from outbound tactics such as direct mail, telemarketing, TV and radio to inbound strategies via social media, SEO, and other digital channels.

It’s widely accepted that content is the king of online marketing because of its ability to drive SEO and educate unknown buyers in a self-serve fashion. One look at the Worldmeter live blog tracker proves this point through its real-time count of blog posts published on any given day. Last year it was over two million daily blogs and now it’s three-plus million with no indication of slowing down.

Now, let’s explore how Xerox channel partners can leverage today’s dynamic marketing landscape to drive growth.

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