Are Home or Remote Office Environments a Risk to Print Security?

The threat of the COVID-19 outbreak has left many IT departments dealing with an overwhelming number of remote connections to manage or proactively plan and enable.

This has a significant impact on the corporate network infrastructure which in many cases was set prior to any cloud service being introduced and most importantly not fully tested for the requirement of the entire workforce.

VPN’s (Virtual private networks) encrypt data in transit from one point to another but they fail to protect the remote employee’s devices, including any laptops, tablets, phones or printers.

If a perpetrator hacks the device, this can be used to gain access to the entire employer’s network and servers. VPN’s can’t protect against many device threats.

Due to remote working being a requirement now, more than ever before, organizations will be seeking new ways to support remote working and part of this will be ensuring the security of end points including desktops, mobile devices and printers.

Prepare your customers with the right tools to facilitate secure printing for remote working practices.

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