Business webpages: not just a necessity, but increasingly competitive too. Learn how to stand out

The Increasingly Competitive Landscape of Business Webpages

The last time you could afford to run a business without putting up a website to promote it, Seinfeld had just gone off the air. A business lacking a web presence today is nearly as questionable as Jerry Seinfeld’s puffy shirt, and nowadays you don’t even have the excuse of an annoying girlfriend to explain the absence of one.

A majority of small businesses have an established web presence, with at least half of the rest already planning to go online in the near future. Businesses that don’t fall in either category may run the risk of ceding high ground to their competitors. Here’s how.

Online Presence: Use It or Lose It

Let’s assume you don’t have an online presence yet. With most of your prospects hitting Google first to search for products like yours, your website-less business loses by default to online competitors offering similar products to yours. They show up in Google search results; you don’t.

Speaking of Google, their own research on local searches discovered that 50 percent of consumers who searched on their smartphones for local businesses hit the stores within a day. If you don’t have an online presence, you obviously miss out on these visits.

And the lack of online engagement will certainly cost you over time. In a three-year period, a study by the Boston Consulting Group found that SMEs with high web activity hit revenue growth figures up to 22 percent higher than their low-to-no-web competitors.

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