HP Has an Edge in Printer Security

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By Rob Enderle – Well thanks to WikiLeaks this week we now know those paranoid folks who wear the tinfoil hats and think their appliances are spying on them are largely right. I think it gets especially scary when the paranoid people actually turn out to be the rational ones.

Most of this stuff wasn’t even just in our homes either as the tools leaked—and supposedly this is only 1 percent of what is coming (something folks don’t seem to be remembering at the moment)—pretty much cover the expanse of IoT.

One of the areas of exposure in companies though is printers which have proven to be particularly dangerous largely because we haven’t been updating them much. We don’t consider them a security threat, and, as a result they are either not secured or use trivial passwords and IDs.

Given that the only true enterprise company still in printers is HP Inc., it shouldn’t be a surprise that they have a fix for that and we should take it far more seriously than we do.

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