The Outstanding Data Loss Prevention Solution

Despite cyber security breaches dominating the headlines, 66% of businesses surveyed in a recent independent security report ranked print in the top 5 risks to security within their organization. When you consider the significant personal data and/or confidential information contained within most printed documents, it is not surprising. Often organizations invest considerably in enterprise cyber security solutions that focus on monitoring and protecting digital data, but overlook the importance of having a print related Data Loss Prevention (DLP) strategy in place to protect their paper-based processes. According to the latest Quocirca security report, 91% of businesses surveyed confirmed that print is an important part of their business process – consequently print security should not be overlooked.

To steer your customers in the right direction introduce them to FollowMe® by Ringdale®, the winner of BLI’s 2018 Pick Award for their outstanding Data Loss Prevention solution. FollowMe goes beyond content monitoring and enables organizations to proactively control, block and even watermark printed content, to caution authorized personnel on the sensitivity level of classified documents.

If you are looking for a secure print solution that provides the highest level of protection, key features to look out for include the ability to:

  • Protect documents at rest and in motion through network communications, by using industry-standard data encryption
  • Forensically inspect and protect content including personally identifiable information (PII) — for example, credit card and bank routing numbers, national identification and account numbers
  • Provide accurate activity tracking for ongoing audits such as data protection impact assessments (DPIAs)
  • Provide comprehensive reporting while leveraging data anonymization to maintain user privacy

For more formation on how organizations can eliminate costly security breaches due to printing, please contact the FollowMe team or visit their website.

SOURCE Ringdale

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