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By Erika Morphy – Find Me A Gift is an online retailer of gifts that is based in the UK. If ever there were a company that would be subject to the GDPR it would be an organization like Find Me A Gift and indeed the company has been diligently preparing for the regulation.

Yet during a data analysis it was still surprised by what it found — metadata referring to warehouse staff, for example. “This was imbedded in our system and held staff details that had worked with us since our system was launched, some 10 years ago,” said Logistics and Operation Manager Tim Stevens.

“This data was utilized to calculate an average pick/pack rate by staff members in our warehouse using their personal sign-in details. The data held personal information of staff that had been registered on our system.” The task now is to remove all the personal references to staff from the company’s history, he said. And going forward, Stevens added, they’ll be anonymizing any future data held.”

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