Executive Q&A: Mark Hansinger, Senior Vice President, US Sales, OKI Data Americas

PN: Tell us a little about your company, the segment of the market it serves, and what you consider to be your “core” users.

OKI Data was founded in the US in 1972. We’ve been in the printing segment for many years and have evolved as our customers’ needs have evolved. We consider our core users or customers to be end users who use our commercial printers in their workplace. Much of our business caters to end users in retail, insurance, and financial markets. So, we really cover the market from the low end to the high end. We develop and design our products to meet the needs of those kinds of core users.

PN: How did you get involved with the company? What is your background before that?

I’ve been with OKI Data since 1991. I joined the company that year, went to another commercial printing space for a couple years, and then returned to OKI in 2010. As you can see, I’ve been in printers and printing basically my entire career.

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