Protect Valuable Data When Printing With…

FollowMe protects document confidentiality, by holding print jobs on a secure server, only to be printed by the owner, after they authenticate at the output device.

In order to implement the best security configuration for each infrastructure, FollowMe offers an extensive range of authentication options, from radio frequency ID (RFID) smart cards, contact smart cards, numeric keypads or biometric fingerprint readers.

Most authentication methods integrate with existing business applications, supporting effective deployment and Single Sign On capability (SSO). FollowMe also has a wide embedded portfolio, providing a fully integrated solution on most manufacturers’ multifunction printers (MFPs), where authentication is enabled directly from the device touch screen, without the need for external hardware.

This is also available for certain single function printers where readers can be attached directly.

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FollowMe by Ringdale partners with IDC’s Digital Security Conference to address growing data security risks for enterprise organisations