Information for Dealers, Reps and Owners, Print Equipment Vendors to Understand In-plants

Rochester Software Associates (RSA) is working with industry consultant, Howie Fenton, Principal of Howie Fenton consulting to create information for dealers, reps and owners and print equipment vendors to help them better understand the in-plant market. Comprised of two six-article series (for a total of 12 articles), each compiled into an eBook and an overall topic webinar, the initiative is called “In-Plant Primer: From Operations Basics to Advanced Sales Concepts.”

There are two primers , each comprised of six articles and compiled into a convenient eBook. The first primer is titled: “In-Plant Primer 101: Trends and Challenges,” and covers the basics of the in-plant market. The second primer and eBook is called: “In-Plant Primer 201: Operational and Financial Concerns,” and cover more advanced topics. Articles were published about once a month. A webinar covering all of the topics was held and available for viewing in your RSA partner resource portal (login required).

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In-Plant Primer 101: Trends and Challenges

The Primer 101 articles cover the basics of the in-plant market including (links indicate the article is published):

  1. Defining an in-plant; what do they do, how they fit in the customer environmentIn-Plant Primer 101: Trends and Challenges eBook ad
  2. Typical problems and bottlenecks that in-plant print centers face
  3. Who the typical in-plant customer contacts are (Titles, positions, etc.)
  4. The significant technology changes in the last five years and the impact on/ improvement in the in-plant environment
  5. In-plant industry trends
  6. 8 Probing questions to ask to identify areas where workflow can improve in-plant operations

The 101 primer eBook compilation of these topics is now available.

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