Parts Now, a Division of LMI Solutions to Release Top Dealer Managed Print Pain Points at IBPI Conference

March 18, 2019 – Parts Now, a division of LMI Solutions, the undisputed leader in Managed Print Infrastructure serving hundreds of Imaging Dealers, Managed Print Providers and Managed Service Providers is pleased to announce the release of their latest survey results highlighting the Top Managed Print Pain Points as selected by IBPI members.

“We want to speak directly to the real-world challenges IBPI members are having and the opportunities LMI can provide with our new platform of Managed Print Infrastructure that makes it easier and more profitable than ever before for MPS dealers,” stated Annie Willert, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for LMI Solutions.

The new Parts Now 2019 MPS Pain Survey consists of several questions scoped at critical phases of executing an effective and profitable Managed Print Business.

  1. Demand Creation
  2. Client Acquisition
  3. Infrastructure & Execution
  4. Performance Measurement 
  5. Maximizing Recurring Profitability 

IBPI members were asked to rate their current pain in several areas of their Managed Print Business using a sliding scale with all results summarized and ready for release at the LMI segment of the event.

Early results indicate the continued need for enhanced lead generation, simplification of execution and a heightened awareness cost management – all primary highlights of the new platform LMI has recently developed to help dealers grow their MPS business and their MPS profits with advanced services and support well beyond LMI’s world class quality print cartridges.

Interested parties are asked to contact their LMI representative for more details on the latest MPS Pain Survey Results or to learn more about LMI’s industry leading dealer support services and new breakthrough Managed Print infrastructure designed to drive maximum sustainable profitability for LMI dealers.

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About LMI Solutions

LMI Solutions is an award-winning, Managed Print Services Infrastructure provider; delivering automated software solutions and tools to help dealers improve their operational efficiencies, reduce costs and increase profitability. LMI is also a manufacturer, distributor and recycler of premium replacement toner cartridges, related imaging supplies, and remanufactured printers.

LMI has been the recipient of awards such as, “Best Remanufactured Cartridges” following recognition from the MPSA and the coveted Readers’ Choice Award for the industries “Best MPS Program” and North America’s #1 “MPS Infrastructure Provider”.


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