How to Optimize Classrooms for Technology – and Vice Versa

By Stephanie Keer – More and more students now use digital technology to get ahead in the classroom… and the same goes for the teachers. This puts school administrators and education stakeholders in a bind: how do they address the increasing role of technology in education? Is it simply too expensive to optimize the classroom to use today’s modern technology… or will it be too expensive not to, in the long run?

Most analysts agree that educators need to plan for future technology requirements. They can’t afford not to: “Technology is a powerful tool that gives teachers, students and others new ways to address problems like chronic shortages of time, materials and professional development,” explained the late Jan Hawkins, former director of the New York City-based Center for Children and Technology.

“Technology enables learning to be limited by only one thing – imagination.”

Planning for a more technologically-advanced classroom can’t be done willy-nilly. A smart project plan takes into account the latest technology standards and hardware life cycles, among other things.

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