Konica Minolta launch the Workplace Hub – Commentary by DataMaster

The Workplace Hub is a server running a Microsoft operating system. This enables it to fit into a business’ existing IT infrastructure, and provides a platform for the wealth of software Konica Minolta will be providing in years to come through partnerships with Canonical and BrainTribe, and AI and IoT system providers – and also regional and vertical-specific third parties.

Since the Komibox, we have seen Konica Minolta drive to put their computing power into customer premises to provide powerful business solutions well beyond what you can deliver through a copier.

Mr Yamana’s vision has been to deliver a single device to enable businesses to make better decisions. The Workplace Hub provides “team spaces,” integrates imaging technologies, IoT data and other big data sources along with connectivity technologies to provide meaningful, live dashboards. “Connected intelligent platforms to allow our customers to thrive,” said Mr Yamana.

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