How Channel Partners Can Use Blog Topics to Drive Search Rankings

Note: This article was filed by a paid contributor to Xerox Corporation.

By McNall Mason – Two million blog posts [1] are published on the Internet every single day. Each one represents an opportunity to be found on search results. However, many Xerox Channel Partners still haven’t begun blogging.

What happens if you’re one of them? It’s easy to convince ourselves that coming late to the content creation party puts us so far behind that it’s not worth the time investment to play catch-up. But that’s far from the case, especially for Xerox Channel Partners whose websites are competing for local search rankings.

Content Marketing Drives Sales for Channel Partners:

Content is vital to capturing online traffic. In fact, content marketing adopters have a 6x higher conversion rate on their websites than their competition does. [2] Before we dive into strategies for developing local blog topics, let’s review the important role blogs play in integrated marketing strategy and how they help your business rank in search results:

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