How A National Copier Dealer Transitioned To Digital Documents

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By Tim Wacker – It is easy for Chris Scarff to say when the Ray Morgan Company transitioned from selling copiers to selling technology. Describing and executing that change is a little more complicated as the $37-billion industry born out of the photocopier has Ray Morgan Company focusing on its software as much as its sales pitch.

Recent sales growth in electronic records management software is driving that shift, opening the door for Ray Morgan Company to leverage its past success selling copiers into an even brighter future. Electronic records management technology is cutting deep into the demand for the pulp products the copier industry is built on.

Ray Morgan Company grew as copiers became every offices can’t-live-without-it tool. These necessities sat in the office corner and provided one simple, vital service: making copies. All that started to change as the dawn of the digital age turned the photocopier from a duplication device into an office’s information hub.

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