SAP’s platform strategy doubles down on cloud, IoT, AI, and user experience

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A series of strategic communications this month demonstrates that SAP is not just serious about cloud, but is betting the business that it can create the most contemporary, compelling, and capable enterprise cloud platform.

By Dion Hinchcliffe – As organizations attempt to read their digital transformation tea leaves this year, many are simultaneously looking for the best ways to execute once they’re ready. That’s because digital transformation, a top priority in most organizations this year, now centrally involves the cloud, where the vast majority of IT is swiftly moving.

But for large organizations, moving to public cloud is a rather delicate and highly fraught step that requires challenging-to-realize shifts in culture, control, operations, and most of all, platform.

As a result, large enterprise vendors like Microsoft, IBM, and SAP — the three current old-guard standouts, along with ascendant cloud-native firms like Salesforce — have been investing in the next-generation of IT technologies that are likely to carry their customers into the future, betting they’ll be where customers have to invest next. More significantly, given where IT workloads are headed now, vendors are primarily designing and delivering these new technology within their primary cloud platform offerings, and not as traditional on-premises software.

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